Bicycle Bells

Rusted bicycle bell

OK, let us load you up with some facts that may well win you a pub quiz one day. The bicycle bell was invented by a Brummie-born chap by the name of John Richard Dedicoat in 1877. Dedicoat had previously been an apprentice to James Watt (of steam engine fame), and can also lay claim to have invented both the pencil-sharpening machine and a spring step for bicycles-a gizmo that’d vault early riders half a dozen inches upwards to help them mount a bike.

This latter device had one major fault: if the rider was too light for the strength of the spring, the step would fling them up and over the bike and into the nearest bush/lake/path of an oncoming omnibus. Which explains why-unlike a lot of those early riders – it didn’t take off.

Dedicoat’s bicycle bell, however, has endured and is a staple accoutrement today for anyone who rides in urban areas or commutes. Corning in all shapes, sizes, and colors, here we have a quick look at how much bing you can get for your buck…

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