Commuter Cycling Bags

Commuter Cycling Bag

Getting to and from work can sometimes feel like the biggest waste of time, yet if you combine the daily commute with your favorite pastime then it’ll no longer be a chore. You can even view it as bonus training time. Of course, getting to and from work is only part of the story as you’ll need to carry extra stuff with you – whether that’s a laptop, a lunchbox or even a full change of clothes.

For those who don’t want to fit a rack to their bike, a pack is the only realistic option, so we’ve focused on bags designed to be worn on the back or over a shoulder, rather than the traditional tourist’s favorite, the pannier bag. However, there are some practical advantages to carrying your kit on the bike rather than on your body, so we’ve also included one option that attaches to the frame -just because it’s so cool, to be honest.

When considering a bag, think about how much kit you carry on a typical work day. Bigger isn’t always better if you don’t need the extra room.

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