Neckwarmers, Are They worth It?

Cyclist with neckwarmer.

More than simply a scarf, buying a good ‘buff’ is one of the best winter cycling investments you can make!

Essentially a tube-shaped scarf, the humble neckwarmer is actually an essential weapon in the cyclist’s war against winter. These versatile garments provide and extra layer of protection against the elements that can keep not just your neck warm, but also your chin, nose, cheeks and ears, too, depending on how high up you opt to wear it.

It will also – when worn over the mouth – help to protect your lungs by providing an added membrane to breathe through that will take the edge of freezing cold air.

Neckwarmers for cycling, then, need to be not just good at insulating your neck, but also good at wicking – ie allowing water vapor to escape. They should also, ideally, have a good stretchable fit for maximum comfort as most tend to be one-size-fits-all. When not in use they can be easily rolled up around the neck to cope with sweat or folded and stowed away.

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