Bombtrack Junior Bike Review

Green Bombtrack Junior bike.

Bikepacking promises a lot of what’s always been great about touring holidays. Escaping the city, getting out into nature, and doing the whole thing without spending too much money, it’s no surprise plenty of parents would like to bring their children along, too.

However, until recently there’s been few bikes for smaller riders dedicated to this type of cycling, meaning kids often find themselves doubly disadvantaged when chasing after adult riders. Now German brand Bombtrack has released a miniaturized version of its Beyond adventure bike.

Called the Junior, its wheels may have shrunk from 29 down to 24 inches, but the bike’s personality and capabilities remain largely the same. Able to take on rough terrain, it’s made of aluminum for reduced weight, has chunky tires and disc brakes, along with a dedicated 1×9-speed groupset and plenty of luggage points.

Bikepacking bag maker Apidura has even released a limited run of miniaturized bags that will fit the Junior’s smaller dimensions. The most capable-looking out of the handful of kid-sized drop bar bikes we’ve seen cropping up recently, riders after something a little more racey should also check out the similarly proportioned Isla Bikes Luath, which starts from $900.

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