Canyon Ultimate CF Evo Disc Bike Review

Canyon Ultimate CF Evo Disc Bike

A design that’s already been ridden to a string of wins by the Movistar pro team, this latest version of Canyon’s Ultimate is well below the UCI’s current limit of 6.8kg. Meaning if any of the brand’s sponsored riders want to take it racing, they’ll need to bung a bit of concrete down the seat tube first.

Scraping in below 6kg, despite its disc brakes, the CF Evo Disc bike manages this by employing a frame weighing 641g, a fork weighing 285g, and a one-piece cockpit that adds only another 270g. This is then gussied up with a selection of parts that look to have been sourced from some weight weenie’s spreadsheet of lust.

These include SRAM’s latest RED eTap AXS drivetrain, HRD disc brakes, limited-edition DT Swiss PRC 1100 Dicut 24 wheels, a 120g Schmoike seatpost, and a 61g Selle Italia C59 saddle. Held in place by titanium bolts and specially manufactured aluminum through-axles, the result is a full-fat performance at a very much slimmed- down weight.

In a very German move, the launch of the bike has been accompanied by the release of a white paper. Explaining how ‘the pursuit of lightness has always been, and shall remain, a key yardstick in road bike performance,’ it details Canyon’s experiments in building light bikes.

These include 2004’s Projekt 3.7 racer and 2006’s unique Projekt 6.8 which sported a separate disc calliper on each fork leg, yet still hit the UCI limit of 6.8kg. Unlike those two, this latest lightweight Wünderbike is up on the Canyon website now.

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