Crosshead Bikes Review

Crosshead Bike

Designing and building bikes in the UK, Crosshead takes a novel approach to one of cycling’s perennial design challenges. The perfect folding bike must balance the need for a small size when folded, with the need to ride as much like a full-size bike when unfurled.

Unhappy with the compromise struck by the bikes available, designer and Crosshead founder Stuart Lambert knew he wanted to start with a larger-than-average 20-inch wheel. Giving a smoother roll, better wear-characteristics, and increased grip, a geometry providing a more natural ride position and longer wheelbase followed.

The final step was to pair these facets to a kit-list stacked with as many conventional components as possible. It’s a proposition at odds with the market’s current favorite folder, the similarly British-designed Brompton.

Now with an adjustable, easily serviceable and speedy bike, the last challenge was to break it down into a package that can be hauled around on the train, or stuffed into the boot of a car. Folding in six steps, the key to the Crosshead’s ability to shrink itself down is its patented ‘Z-fold’.

While the robust cast hinges on the top tube and steerer are clearly evident, less obvious is the subtle pivot enabled by bushings around the seat tube that allows the whole frame to shimmy slightly to complete its fold.

Available in builds suited to everyone from commuters to racers, each Crosshead uses the same frame with prices starting from 2,250$. An e-assist option with a range of between 30-40 km, that’s boosted by innovative self-charging braking technology, is also now available.

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