Viking Cross Master X Bike

Viking Cross Master X Bike

Why do I need this bike?

Ride a lot and you’ll drastically reduce your risk of developing all sorts of illnesses including heart disease. But to do that, you’re going to need a bike that’s tough, durable and versatile enough to allow you to take on all manner of roads and weather. That’s where this-the Viking Cross Master X-comes in.

What’s so good about it?

Lots of things, but let’s start with the frame. Made from highly robust Reynolds 725 steel, this is a bike that’s built for hard knocks. As such, it’ll take care of business whether you’re using it as a winter training bike, an everyday commuter, or just for fun.

It’s made from steel, eh? Must weight a ton.

Not at all. It actually comes in at a surprisingly svelte 10.25kg, thanks in part to that Reynolds tubing with its incredible weight-to-strength ratio. The full-carbon fork also helps, while offering a welcome level of comfort on a bike designed to be ridden hard over long distances.

You mentioned versatility, but isn’t it just a regular road bike?

Perhaps at first glance, yes, but look a bit closer.

See those knobbly tyres? Spotted the rack and mudguard mounting points?

This is a bike that you could just as easily take bike packing or for a spot of gravel riding should you want to explore the land beyond the tarmac.

How much will it set me back?

A little over a grand, which when you consider the incredibly sturdy32-spoke Joytech wheels and near-enough complete Shimano Tiagra groupset it’s wearing, represents great value. Not least because this is a bike you’re going to get an awful lot of use out of.

Viking? That name seems familiar…

And so it should, it’s a British bike brand with over 110 years of heritage behind it. Now owned by Insync and based in Manchester, the Cross Master X is one of four new bikes in its current range.

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