Assos Equipe RS Bib Short S9 Review

Assos Equipe RS Bib Short S9

What they say: Equipe RS Bib Short S9 forges new ground, bringing unmatched stability and comfort to your most demanding speed-focused applications.

What we say: For a long time the go-to brand for maximum day-long comfort, Assos has many new rivals so has had to up its game and the S9 is the result. An Elastic Interface pad is at the core but making that pad stable has been the main aim of the new design.

It features just two panels for the main body and a host of smaller details including extra venting at the front of the chamois, which tends to pucker a little. The RS also comes in six size options.

Cut-wise they’re in the middle ground offering a low front with a slightly longer leg than before, and a minimal upper for a great all-round balance. The fabrics used balance stretch and compression in their respective areas really well.

Conclusion: Great quality fabrics and design, Assos’ heritage and innovation really shines through.

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