Chapeau Club Jersey Pro Review

Chapeau Club Jersey Pro.

What they say: The brief for the Club Pro was simple. It had to look and ride fast.

What we say: Chapeau has given its Club Jersey an overhaul for 2019- most notably by adding this bold, new pattern which it calls Storm Grey, to its choice of looks. Sure, you can still get the more understated and classic block color/stripe designs that Chapeau is better known for. But if you’re looking to stand out this summer, Storm Grey comes in three variations, two in orange/ navy and one in blue/white) and certainly offers an outré option.

On closer inspection, there have also been some changes to the tailoring, too. Although still fairly long, the sleeves on the new Club Jersey Pro now employ a ribbed texture. This helps the jersey grip closer and tighter, under scoring its aero ambitions which the overall cut and close fit support.

Made from a lightweight, fast-wicking polyester, its breathability will ensure you stay sweat-free, while the elasticity in the material permits you plenty of scope for movement. There’s a full zip to the front, three regular pockets and a zipped security pocket to the rear, plus a silicone gripper hem to keep you looking natty. Available in sizes S-XXL.

Conclusion: Chapeau’s stunning range of high-quality jerseys just keeps getting better and better. We’re big fans!

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