Chapeau! Leather Mitts Review

Chapeau! Leather Mitts

What they say: Classic styling to complement any kit selection, these gloves are more than a mere accessory.

What we say: This has a luxury feel to it from the moment you slide it onto your hand. The entire back is supplied by posh leather makers Pittards, providing a silky smooth yet highly durable outer that is perforated with tiny holes for better breathability.

The palm meanwhile is made from a polyester mix that manages to feel both tough and comfortable and is again highly breathable thanks to its mesh surface. Ample padding is to be found on the thumb, heel or the hand, and wrist as well as along the length of the knuckles. An extended cuff with a pull tab, meanwhile, helps ensure these can be peeled on and off with ease. Available in S-XL.

Conclusion: Amongst the pricier options here but the quality of these mitts is obvious, from the choice of materials to overall design.

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