Chapeau Lightweight Club Stripe Cap Review

Chapeau Lightweight Club Stripe Cap

What they say: Worn well, it elevates the wearer’s panache levels exponentially.

What we say: There’s no doubt about it-this is definitely a bit of a looker. But then that shouldn’t be a surprise, Chapeau has long produced some of the coolest cycling clothing on the market, with its blend of frequently retro-modern styling and always on-point color palette.

This offering is classic Chapeau! in that sense, with its striped pattern and bold branding. But the designers at Chapeau! don’t just have a fine eye for design but detail, too, as this multi-paneled cap demonstrates.

The body of the cap consists of five separate panels, made from a polyester Elastane mix, that blends breathability and fast-wicking qualities for a high level of comfort, Available in two sizes small-medium and medium-large, and in six striking colorways ranging from aqua-blue beauty to maroon and orange.

Conclusion: A handsome, lightweight, high-performance cap that’s perfectly suited to long, hot summer rides.

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