Endura Pro SL Mitt Black Review

Endura Pro SL Mitt Black

What they say: Sleek and minimalist ‘must-have’ for the devoted road aficionado.

What we say: These offer no padding on the palms whatsoever. Why? Well, the downside of having added padding on your palms is that you lose road feel and if you’re already riding a bike that’s set up for comfort, then missing out on even more feedback can be problematic. So these are a more streamlined alternative that still eliminates sweat while enhancing grip.

Made from a four-way stretch fabric using Endura’s Coldblack tech, heat is easily dissipated with these despite the color, while offering SPF50 protection from the sun’s UV rays. Available in sizes XS-XXXL.

Conclusion: Pricey perhaps, but if you’re looking for better road feel, then these are perfect.

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