Girochrono L-S Base Layer Review

Girochrono L-S Base Layer

What they say: Designed to keep you warm, dry and comfortable in the coldest conditions

What we say: This is made from what Giro calls a Wik pro material. Essentially this is a fabric made from polypropylene, elastane and nylon that’s been developed to provide high levels of insulation and great levels of moisture management.

In practice, we found this performed really well, doing exactly what was asked of it on colder rides. That Wik pro weave has an elasticated quality to it, too, that means this wraps itself around your body snugly without ever feeling restrictive. Its a satisfyingly soft, thick­ feeling material as well, with flat-lock stitching used throughout so there’s n ever any chafing. Available in sizes XS-XXL.

Conclusion: Effective and comfortable, you’ll barely notice this one’s there – but you’ll be glad that it is!

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