Gore C3 Gore Tex Overshoes Review

Gore C3 Gore Tex Overshoes

What they say: Part of a go-to wardrobe that can deal with the worst weather, they’ll keep you warm and dry in foul weather.

What we say: Overshoes are one of those items that every cyclist simply needs to have in their arsenal, presuming they’re going to ride more than just the best days of summer that is. With a breathable, waterproof Goretex upper, the rear completely opens up to allow fast access, this access is then closed and adjusted with Velcro.

A hard wearing edge surrounds the open sole, so should reduce walking wear. Talking of which, you’ll need to tape over any vent holes in your shoes. Available in black or yellow in sizes 6-15.

Conclusion: Best suited to bulkier or off-road style shoes, they’re sure to stop water getting through.

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