High-Tech Fitting Gadget is A Treat for Your Feet – Specialized S-Works 7 Shoes Review

Specialized S-Works 7 Shoes

How you can now give sore feet the boot. Well, the shoe…

We’re keen advocates of a proper bike fit, which can not only make your riding more comfortable, but also give a real boost to your performance. Specialized gets this and has long pioneered bike-fitting tech.

This is why, alongside the launch of the latest generation of its pro-level S-Works shoes, the company also unveiled the Retül Match, now being rolled out to Specialized stockists across the country to aid with the fitting of shoes, saddles and helmets, alongside its Retul Fit full bike-fitting system. Intrigued, we went along to Specialized’s UK HQ in Surrey to take a closer look at how it works.

Using a combination of digital cameras, a handheld wand and a pressure-sensitive foot pad, a trained operator can measure the size and shape of your feet with incredible accuracy. A heat-molding tool is then used to create custom insoles, and within an hour, we were riding away with our feet encased in perfectly fitted shoes. And as measurements are stored in the Retul Passport system, we can access them at any Specialized store or online in future.

The S-Works 7 shoes themselves are a high-tech marvel. The redesigned carbon sole uses lattice construction to increase stiffness without increasing weight, rating 15 on Specialized’s own stiffness scale.

Uppers in lightweight Dyneema synthetic fabric promise improved consistency in sizing, while thermal bonding means less stitching and so fewer pressure points. Extra padding on the tongue further improves comfort, while the latest BOA 3 dial laces make adjustment on the fly easier than ever. It’s no surprise they’re the shoe of choice for a certain Peter Sagan – look out for them gracing the podium this season.

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