Koo Open Cube – Sunglasses Review

Koo Open Cube – Sunglasses.

The folding arms on these tuck downwards and up rather than simply inwards.

As gimmicks go, it’s pretty groovy but it’s also a functional feature that allows the glasses to be worn at three different angles. The lenses on these (two interchangeable ones are supplied, Smoke Mirror for bright sunshine and Clear for the other 360 days of the year) are made by German optics giant Zeiss and are of superb quality.

A large field of vision means plenty of eye protection, too, with the curved design preventing UV rays from creeping in around the edges. It’s half frame design also features an adjustable nose piece, while vents around the top of the lens prevent fogging. Available in small and medium and 12 different colorways.

Conclusion: Unashamedly high end, these are an immaculate blend of quality, style and functionality.

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