Lazer Walter Large Glasses Review

Lazer Walter Large Glasses

You may know the name Lazer for its superb range of cycling helmets and its Walter sunnies have clearly been crafted with a similar approach to safety. They offer impeccable UV protection thanks to the wide full-frame lens that wraps itself neatly around the contours of your face.

Supplied with three interchangeable lenses (dark, clear and yellow) complete with a water repellent coating, and vents to prevent mid-ride fogging, these also feature an adjustable rubber nose clip and bendable arms to get a fit that grips without sacrificing comfort.

Weighing in at 30 g, it comes with its own hard-shell carry case and lens cloth and is available in six slick colorways including black, white, titanium and this dank blue version which uses a turquoise lens for sun-drenched days.

Conclusion: A great quality product from a brand with a proven track record when it comes to keeping cyclists safe.

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