Madison Roadrace Premio Cap Review

Madison Roadrace Premio Cap

What they say: The Roadrace Premio cap shadows you from wind, rain or sun,

What we say: This 100% polyester offering from Madison has a reasonably tight fit. In fact, the elasticated band sewn into its rear gives the impression that it’s there as much to keep the cap firmly on your head, as it is to afford a bit of give for bigger heads.

It’s not uncomfortable, but it is noticeable, in particular when the peak is flipped up. And you would want to flip that peak to show off the cool design.

Everyone’s taste is different, of course, but we were pretty taken with the look of this. It’s from a range called Dot Fade, which features the one you see here plus three other colorways (red, blue, and pink); as well as four other designs including a rather Mod-tastic houndstooth number. The cap is otherwise lightweight, functional (it’s fast wicking), and breathable. Available in one size.

Conclusion: A cool cap for warm days, when your ride is as much about turning heads as it is your pedals.

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