Oakley Sutro – Sunglasses Review

Oakley Sutro – Sunglasses

If you like your sunnies big, then you’ll love Oakley’s new Sutro shades which are about as big a pair as we’ve ever seen. How big? Think skiing goggles. Yep, that big. These area proper pair of sun-defying eye shields.

The result is a look that may not be to everyone’s taste, but there’s no doubting the clarity of the uninterrupted field of vision or protection the Prizm lenses offer. Their size doesn’t, however, equate to bulk with these weighing in at just 33 g, something which translates to comfort when you pop them on your face.

A rubber nose piece sits firmly on the bridge of your schnozzle, while its slender arms grip your head with just enough force to make sure these won’t fall off, even if you have to look down to grab your bidon.

Conclusion: Those huge lenses will put some off, but if you like the look, these will protect your peepers. And then some!

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