ORAO RAODR 500 – Sunglasses Review

ORAO RAODR 500 Sunglasses

Being short of a penny is no excuse for not ensuring your peepers have proper protection.

So if you’re short on cash but need some shades, then head to your local Decathlon where you can pick up a perfectly good pair of sunnies for less than you’d pay for a posh-ish bottle of plonk. So what do you get for your (not very much) money? Well, the lenses are a decent size, offering a good field of vision.

There are vents to tackle fogging, a rubber nose grip for comfort, and a degree of flex in the arms to allow fora fit that won’t squeeze your head unless you happen to own a particularly large bonce. Most importantly of all though, these offer 100% UV protection. Available in either black, white/red or this yellow/black combo they’ll match most outfits as well.

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