Pactimo Cycling Cap Review

Pactimo Cycling Cap

What they say: Perfect for those who want a perspiration wicking cap.

What we say: We found the clever-yet-simple design employed in the look of this cap really appealing. It manages to capture something of cycling’s rich heritage while being utterly modern at the same time.

We think it’s as cool as heck in the white, but if you find that a little too plain, or fancy something a bit more lively, the same cap with the same pattern is also available in a variety of colors including tangerine, blue, lime, red or black.

Made from a highly breathable, fast-wicking polyester fabric which Pactimo call C-Dry, it’s a comfortable fit, thanks to its elasticated hem, while its integrated headband protects your eyes from any stinging brow sweat.

That perfect-sized peak is also crumple proof, and if you’re worried about keeping the whole thing pristine and dean, then rest assured it is machine washable. Available in one size designed to fit all.

Conclusion: There’s something of the instant classic about the look of this one. Perfect for hot-weather riding/posing.

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