Pongo Socks Review

Yellow Pongo socks

What they say: Bold, clean and ready to race in.

What we say: These are made, so we’re told, on five knitting machines in Italy that were left unused for years until Pongo brought them back to life. It’s a charming tale and the luxurious weave in these socks certainly bears out the idea that they’ve been constructed using high- quality machinery.

Pongo’s cagey about what that weave consists of, merely describing it as a ‘technical’ fabric, but what’s for certain is that it manages to be thin and breathable in all the right places, thicker where you’d want it to be, all while offering a silky, sybaritic feel.

A reinforced toe and heel also feature alongside a supportive band around the foot arch and a classic 6-inch cuff. Available in sizes S-M and L-XL and more colorways than we’ve got space to list.

Conclusion: These look and feel great. The range of colors and designs also left us spoilt for choice.

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