Prendas Mapei Cubes Retro Deluxe Track Mitts Review

Prendas Mapei Cubes Retro Deluxe Track Mitts

What they say: Hardwearing. Made in Italy. Great Retro Look!

What we say: Sold separately or as part of Prendas’ jersey/sock/cap combo that celebrates-the great Mapei team of 20-odd years ago which dominated the pro peloton for nearly a decade. And its riders, including the likes of Johan Museeuw, rode to victory in one of the most dazzling kits ever which featured this multi-colored cubetti design.

Made from a polyester/elastane mix, the mitts have superb wicking abilities, with mesh vents on the fingers and palm. Most of the palm is padded, meanwhile, for comfort. Tabs on the underside of each middle finger also help in getting these on and off. Available in sizes XSS-XXL.

Conclusion: Offering bags of comfort, plenty of useful features and a cool retro design.

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