Rapha Brevet Cargo Bib Shorts Review

Rapha Brevet Cargo Bib Shorts

What they say: Cargos can carry everything you’d keep in a jersey, designed to excel at extremes but are just as comfortable on the commute or club run.
What we say: You can have the most comfortable shorts on the planet, but you also need to be able to carry everything you require fora successful day out in the saddle. Which is why when we saw Rapha’s Cargo Bib shorts we thought, ‘Ooh, smart!’ Although we can see how purists might turn their noses up at the dual thigh and mid back pockets.
For comfort, Rapha’s gone with its tried-and-tested Brevet pad along with a range of six sizes to get the best possible fit. Its more spacious cut means the fabric has a tendency to wrinkle, and while the high back aids strap stability it does make getting them on ever so slightly more awkward.
Conclusion: Yet more top-quality design, innovation and materials from London’s number one cycling apparel brand.

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