Rapha Pro Team Long Sleeve Thermal Jersey Review

Rapha Pro Team Long Sleeve Thermal jersey

What they say: A cold-weather training jersey for riders and racers looking to stay aero without freezing. Warm, fast, and reflective.

What we say: Rapha has certainly targeted those looking at the aerodynamic end of the spectrum with the Pro Team. It’s noticeably thinner than other garments here yet is still packed with features, just as you’d expect. There are three main rear pockets, plus a neat zipped security one on the right side that also includes an attached glasses cloth, while on the left side there’s a built-in elastic loop to hold a mini pump.

When it comes to fit, our large was well proportioned, if anything slightly long on the arm, which is much the better way to have it, there are six sizes to choose as well as seven colors. Something for (almost) everyone, then.

Conclusion: An exquisite balance between performance and head-turning good looks. As practical as it is pretty.

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