Sidi Kaos Shoes Review

Sidi Kaos Shoe

What they say: Sidi Kaos road racing shoe with Caliper Buckle and Techno 3 System closure and a carbon composite sole is your ideal entry into Sidi road racing cycle shoes.

What we say: Such is Sidi’s range that the Kaos is considered one of the entry-level offerings, and in this company they cover the gap between sports and race well. Using what they call a Millennium 4 composite sole, it features a carbon fiber and nylon combination to balance cost and stiffness, and features a fixed position three-bolt compatible drilling.

A man-made upper called Politex features above the sole and uses a mechanical buckle along with a wire-and- ratchet system to allow full control of the closure around the foot. Available in sizes 38-48, in white, black, white/red or yellow. Our size 42s weighed 678g, Best paired with the Look Keo 2 Max, left.

Conclusion: Trickle-down technology makes the Kaos a reliable long-term performer.

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