Ass Saver Regular and Speed Mullet Regular Mudguards Review

Ass Saver Regular and Speed Mullet Regular mudguards

What they say: Attaches to your bike in seconds.

What we say: The two fenders we’ve chosen here from Ass Saver’s excellent and diverse range can be bought separately to make a cracking weather-defying duo. The rear-mounted Ass Saver Regular, has been around for a while now and comes in various sizes. The one we chose weighed 25 g and provided a decent 35 cm of protection for your back/backside.

Made from a thin plastic, pre-folded into a V-shape, it’s simply secured by inserting one end under your saddle, locking itself in place under the rails via a still-patent-pending Flip Tip system. The Speed Mullet, meanwhile, is made from a similar material and is attached to the bottom of your down tube via a single adjustable Velcro strap.

The guard then hangs down, a bit like the kind of mud flap you might see on a rally car. Sounds and looks a bit odd, but it’s not as obtrusive as you might think and it also solves the problem of how to keep your feet dry which most non-full guards can’t manage. Weighing 34g it provides 38 cm of ass-or rather hoof saving assistance.

Conclusion: If you really want a faff-free option, we reckon Ass Savers offer an ideal solution. Good price, too.

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