BBB BHE-09 Maestro Helmet Review

What they say: Compact, strong and designed to make you master of the roads.

What we say: They’re not kidding about this being a compact helmet. It wraps the top of your head efficiently with little fanfare or fuss, and once donned, seems to have been designed with a nod of the head to the earliest hairnet-style racing helmets.

Not that there’s anything primitive about the Maestro. Its shape is intended to provide greater aerodynamics with less is more being the thinking. While the crown of the helmet is closed, allowing for smoother airflow of its top, 17 vents across its front, sides and rear (one of which can accommodate a rear-mounted light), provide plenty of cooling airflow. Instead of a MIPS system, a HaloGuard cage is employed to allow some independent head movement within the helmet’s shell.

A perfect fit, meanwhile, is achievable via an adjustable dial retention system which allows you to modify both the height and circumference of the helmet. Weighing 317 g, it’s available in red, white or black.

Conclusion: Worn by the pros of the Wanty-Groupe Gobert team it’ll work just as well on the daily commute. A top all-rounder.

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