BBB Slimguard Review

BBB Slimguard mudguards

What they say: A slim, wraparound fender set for road bikes with tires up to 28 mm.

What we say: Once we’d worked out the instructions explaining how to fit these-an experienced that reminded us of wrestling with Ikea flat-pack furniture-these proved to be a very good option. The fenders attach in a choice of lengths via your bike’s mudguard mounts as well as its brake bolts/quick-release axle via aluminum rods for added stability.

And if your bike doesn’t have mudguard mounts don’t worry- you can buy an additional fender bracket from BBB such as its Minifix Aero for less than a tenner that gets you around that problem. Once on, these are very sleek, and the stabilizing rods aside, do little to interfere with your bike’s looks.

The front guard weighs up to 165 g and offers up to 68 cm of protection, while the rear weighs up to 195 g and offers up to 103 cm. Enough to keep you and your bike as well as any club-run chums who happen to be riding behind you free from mud, grime and rain.

Conclusion: We loathed the instructions but loved the mudguards once we finally got them fitted.

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