Bell Z20 AERO MIPS Road Helmet Review

Bell Z20 AERO MIPS Road Helmet.

What they say: Every watt counts. The Z20 Aero is built with that in mind, delivering uncompromising performance, innovation, fit and comfort.

What we say: Like the Giro Aether, this also uses MIPS tech to provide a high level of protection, although in the more conventional manner of a retention cradle that moves independently from the outside of the helmet (or vice versa if you prefer).

As its name suggests, however, this is a helmet designed to go faster, with an aero optimized shape which seems to sacrifice ventilation in its quest for a super-slippery surface. In reality, however, a lot of thought has also gone into how to keep the rider’s head cool – it’s just so well integrated into the design that its not immediately apparent.

On closer inspection, this actually hasnoless than 10 vents, making up what Bell calls its Overbrow Ventilation technology. This directs air coming into the vents, through a network of internal channels over the rider’s scalp and out through the back.

Padding right across the inside of the helmet cradle’s contact points, meanwhile, does a superb job of soaking up any sweat, while a dial at the rear and adjustable straps allow you to find a fit that works perfectly for you. Weighing 242g, it’s available in a variety of colorways including black/ white/crimson, grey/crimson, black/gunmetal and white/silver.

Conclusion: If you’re specifically after an aero lid which places a premium on safety, then this is an excellent option.

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