Beryl Burner Brake Light Review

Beryl Burner Brake Light

What they say: Burner Brake can detect when you slow down, accurately warning other road users that you are putting your brakes on by intensifying the light.

What we say: With an accelerometer at its core, the Burner Brake is a straight forward and yet clever rear light. It seems obvious to say but with no rear brake lights on a bike it can be hard to tell when a cyclist is slowing down, so Beryl uses a bespoke braking algorithm and information from the accelerometer to calculate exactly when you are slowing and change from one of the five lighting modes into a full bright ‘stop’ light.

It offers up to 200 Lumens of light, fully recharges in 90 minutes and should give you a burn time of up to 17 hours.

Conclusion: If your commute or general riding takes in flowing traffic then the Burner looks tobea great option.

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