Bkool Cycling Simulator Review

Bkool Cycling Simulator

Within a few weeks, as the nights draw in and temperatures drop, Britain will once again hum with the sound of turbo trainers as cyclists across the land take their winter training indoors. There are plenty of ways to test and challenge yourself when you ride inside, but if you’re looking for something a little bit different you might be interested in what Bkool is now offering.

The Spanish bike trainer firm already offers a pretty comprehensive virtual cycling simulator that you can ride along to online, but has announced it’s going to be adding a series of high-profile triathlon bike races to its menu of options. You see, Bkool has teamed up with Challenge Family, the organization behind one of the world’s most prestigious international triathlon competition series, and has begun the process of filming and uploading GPX data from the bike legs of Challenge Family races to the Bkool simulator.

The plan is, that by December of next year, subscribers to Bkool’s online service will be able to access the complete set of Challenge Family races, giving potential real-world competitors the chance to practice actual route profiles and perfect their technique on climbs and descents as often as they want beforehand, while allowing fans to get a virtual feel for what participating in an event is like, without the need to actually leave home.

Over the coming weeks, Bkool tells us it’s planning to add virtual race experiences from events in Bavaria, Belgium, Madrid, Taiwan and Switzerland with more to come. If you’re not already a Bkool subscriber you can try its service out for nowt as the Spanish company is currently offering a month long trial of its premium service for free. Now that’s what we call a bargain!

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