Blackburn Airstick 2 Stage Pump Review

Blackburn Airstick 2 Stage Pump

What they say: High volume for big tines, high pressure for skinnies. Simple. The Airstick 2-stage is a durable aluminum pump.

What we say: Like others here, there is a definite weight and quality touch to Blackburn’s 2 Stage pump, the second thing you’ll immediately notice is the High Pressure (HP)/High Volume (HV) switch that sits under your palm in the handle for which you may want gloves. This switch slightly defeats our PSI test, all the same our 80 pumps in HV mode got us to 50 but the last few were a struggle. With a big bore alloy build, it’s designed for Presta valves only but is rated to 160 PSI.


A very smart pump that combines quality with technology in a 180 mm package.

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