Blackburn Grid Medium Seat Bag Review

Blackburn Grid Medium seat bag

What they say: Big enough to carry 2 road tubes, a multi-tool, 2 tire levers and a C02 inflator w/a cartridge.

What we say: At 0.6L, the maker’s claims stack up. You can fit the above it, although it’s a bit of a squeeze. This compact water-resistant bag ways just 65g, and attaches to your bike’s saddle rails and seat post via a couple of adjustable Velcro straps.

As such is can be whipped off or reattached in an instant yet never feels like it will fall off. The inside is lightly padded for minimal protection and features a thin tire-lever shaped pocket. The clever zip design has a waterproof closure, while the outer material of this softshell case is reflective. A tail light clip also features.

Conclusion: A lightweight option that still offers just the right amount of storage.

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