Bouh SR600 Light & Alarm System Review

Bouh SR600 Light & Alarm System mounted on a bike.

Given the number of bike-thieving scrotes about these days, leaving your machine locked and out of sight can be nerve-racking. After having had his own bike stolen three times, engineering graduate Obaidah Sheikh certainly thought so.

His solution was to design an alarm system to deter thieves. ‘The main problem with a stolen bike is once the thief is around the first corner, nobody knows it’s a stolen bike,’ he explains. Called the Bouh SR600, the unit he’s developed combines a standard light with a motion sensor and 120-decibel siren to make the task of pinching your bike that bit trickier.

Attaching to the handlebars via a cut-resistant metal band, the lower part of the device contains an alarm, while the top houses a powerful 600 lumen light. Slotting into place above the base unit, once your bike is locked you remove the light to activate the alarm.

Cleverly, by drawing power from the battery housed in the light, there’s no need to charge the alarm itself once fitted. Once armed, should someone attempt to move your bike it’ll emit a warning beep. If they carry on fiddling, it’ll give it them full blast from its speakers.

Directed at the rider, should someone manage to make off with your bike it’ll be both an uncomfortable and attention grabbing experience. Boosting the level of protection for your bike well above what would be provided by just a D-lock, hopefully, it’ll be enough to see thieves move onto an easier target. Or may be even shock them into mending their ways for good.

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