B’twin 300 24”-28” Mudguard Kit Review

B’twin 300 24”-28” Mudguard kit

What they say: Say goodbye to splashes and splatters thanks to this mudguard kit.

What we say: This, like the BBB mudguard set, comes with a set of instructions that border on the baffling. We ultimately solved the puzzle of which bolts go with which brackets to attach these to your bike’s mudguard mounting points (if you have them) through trial and error.

Once on, we were impressed with how chunky these were. The rear fender adds 171 g of weight to your bike and provides 71 cm of botty-protection, which is more than enough to keep your back free from unseemly road spray.

You also have the option of mounting a dedicated rear light to the fender-Decathlon’s VIOO Clip, a neat, rechargeable little thing with a 9-hour battery life. The front guard, meanwhile, weighs 136 g all in and provides a more than ample 55 cm of coverage for keeping your lower half free from gunk and grime as well as a soaking.

If you’re planning to ride through winter, stick these on at the first hint of autumn and leave them where they are until mid-spring. Your bike, your kit, and your riding pals will thank you for it.

Conclusion: They’re not subtle, but if you want a set of full guards you won’t find better at this price.

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