B’TWIN 500 Reflective Saddle Bag Review

B’TWIN 500 Reflective saddle bag

What they say: Compact. Practical. Essential.

What we say: A saddle pack for less than a tenner? Ordinarily, we’d say you’ve got to be joking but Decathlon’s pile-‘em-high, sell-‘em-cheap philosophy means that they can bring one to market at that price.

Weighing 65g, it offers a 0.6L capacity- enough then for tire levers, a spare tube, a multitool, a C02 inflator, and patch kit, its water-resistant soft shell, which is strategically reinforced in places, is also entirely reflective making this a great choice for urban cyclists.

It attaches to your bike’s saddle nails and seat post via simple Velcro straps, and features zip closure, a small pocket on the lid of the lined interior, and a clip at the rear to clip a backlight to.

Conclusion: Lightweight, high viz, water-resistant, and cheap. Ideal for the daily commute.

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