Crankbrothers Klic HP Gauge+CO2 Mini Pump Review

Crankbrothers Klic HP Gauge+CO2 Mini Pump

On the face of it this is a straightforward pump with a handle that folds out to a ‘T’ at right angles to the pump body. However, at the bottom end of the barrel is a rotating sleeve that opens to reveal a cavity with a recessed nozzle to which attaches, by way of a magnet, the pump’s hose. The hose itself is hidden away in the plunger. The hose includes an in-line pressure gauge. And at its tip is a reversible Presta/Schrader adaptor that screws onto the tyre’s valve.

Finally, under the screw-off silver cap at the end of the pump’s handle is a slide-out Prestaonly CO2 inflator. This presses onto the tyre valve and takes a threaded CO2 cartridge. The Klic pump is quite bulky and at 16cm will outstretch a jersey pocket. Despite its length, the stroke is quite short so it takes effort to get a tyre up to a reasonable pressure. It was also awkward to use, as the in-line gauge means the flexible part of the hose is quite short. It is a clever bit of kit but far less efficient than you might expect.

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