Cube Bottle Thermo Review

Cube Bottle Thermo

What they say: Perfect for any weather, a hot or cold beverage can be kept at the optimal temperature for about two hours.

What we say: At 158 g, this is a bit like a lightweight thermos. Although its 600 ml, its bulky packaging suggests heavier. This is essentially down to its design, which sees a polyethylene flask, wrapped in an insulating sheet and placed inside a plastic outer shell, complete with molded finger grips.

It even has a removable flip- up lid to shield you from spills, while a pull-up, push down valve allows you to access the contents.

The delivery of liquid, once the valve is opened, is even and easily managed, while the screw-on cap proved impeccably leak-proof and of impressive good quality.

As it’s a bit bulkier we did find we struggled ever-so-slightly to get it in and out of a standard bottle cage, but it will work seamlessly with any number of Cube’s own-brand cages. Available in this black/grey/blue colorway.

Conclusion: A bit hefty, but good for keeping cold drinks chilled during the summer, or transporting tea on chilly commutes.

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