DMR V-Twin Pedals Review

DMR V-Twin Pedals

When Shimano’s patent for a spring-loaded clipless mechanism expired, DMR seized the opportunity to create its first ever clipless pedal. The floating central mechanism sits the nose up, allowing for easier cleat location and quicker engagement than a standard clipless system. DMR’s version actually allows the clip to rotate in both directions, effectively allowing the foot to float or grip the platform depending on your weight transfer.

To provide a better shoe interface, DMR provides the V-Twin with a variety of different shims and pins to tune foot stability or grip when not clipped-in. But in reality, the V-Twin seems to work best with the stock nylon platforms or a pin front/platform rear set-up. The V-Twin also works well with any Shimano compatible cleat, but the ones that come with the pedal do provide slightly easier engagement and smoother float.

The mechanism has adjustable release tension and this is indexed for consistent tension top and bottom and left and right. Accessing the adjustment screw on the left-hand pedal is a little awkward and while the mechanism does provide slightly easier engagement, it also adds weight — the V-Twin is the heaviest pedal on test.

Maintenance and durability are not a strong point. Over several months of use the axle bearings have developed play and the sprung mechanism has become sluggish and refuses to fully cooperate. Sure, it’s a relatively easy fix to clean and regrease the retention mechanism, but the bearing play will require replacement parts.

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