Effeto Shelter Road Kit Review

Effeto Shelter Road Kit

What they say: Effetto shelter tape is a self-adhesive, transparent protection with visco-elastic behavior that protects carbon-fiber or metal.

What we say: Available in three incarnations (pre-cut for road or MTB, plus a version that sees you cutting two strips up yourself) we put the road kit under the microscope. Featuring four types of pre-cut, clear adhesive stickers, one designed to look after your downtube, another to protect your chainstay, eight round stickers (large and small) to apply to parts of your frame where cable rub might be an issue, as well as four Presta valve hole stickers which are intended to dampen road noise.

Application couldn’t be simpler. You just wipe down your bike frame to make sure it’s clean, dry it to make sure the stickers will apply properly, unpeel them from the backing and attach them to your bike, being sure to smooth out any air bubbles.


A bit pricey perhaps for 14 clear stickers, but they work a treat and will save you bundles in the long run.

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