Elite Directo Direct Drive – Turbo Trainer Review

Elite Directo Direct Drive – Turbo Trainer

For those who really want to simulate the road indoors, direct- drive trainers are the way to go and Elite’s Directo is one of the cheapest available. An Optical Torque Sensor gives power within 2.5% of actual and Elite claims it’s capable of a maximum output of 1,900 watts – enough for even Marcel Kittel to practice his sprinting efforts – while also being able to replicate inclines up to 14%, which means it should be able to emulate those rolling roads and climbs well.

Being direct drive means that you remove your rear wheel and your chain powers the cassette attached to the trainer directly, so it saves wearing out your best road tyres.


All the benefits of a fully smart direct-drive trainer, with impressive resistance and a built-in power meter.

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