Elite Direto – Direct Drive Turbo Trainer Review

Elite Direto Direct Drive Turbo Trainer

What they say: Utilizes a direct-drive system to ensure optimum power transfer, an integrated Optical Torque Sensor power meter measures power accurately at 12 points through the pedal rotation.

What we say: Recently updated with refinements to its single laser Optical Torque Sensor, this built-in power meter is key to the accurate results that mean it’s within 2%, plus or minus, of your output-something many actual power meters struggled to do a few years ago. It does this by monitoring the rotation created by the pedals at 12 points in every revolution.

The Direto has the largest case or body of the trainers here and is capable of simulating a slope of up to 14° and offers a resistance equal to 1,400 watts at 40kph. The legs have a hand tightened nut underneath that locks each one in place, at the end of each leg is an adjuster to account for potentially uneven ground.

This combination offers a stable package when in use that holds down well enough when not, you’ll need a power supply, too. Using a single internal belt with resistance created by magnets, it has a large gear to create a noticeable fly wheel effect that offers a smooth pedaling action.

Conclusion: A great balance of features versus cost that means Direto is sure to be a top seller.

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