Ergon GE1 EVO Factory Grip Review

Ergon GE1 EVO Factory Grip

Ergon’s curvy ergonomic GE grip is a personal fave. Its defined shape puts hands in exactly the same place every time, and you can also twist the inner clamp to tweak wrists and forearm alignment for a perfect position.

This ‘GE1 EVO Factory’ is a new model with a super-tacky compound that feels ace without gloves and also deforms a fraction more under the palm — there’s around 0.5mm of rotation, which adds comfort and isolation. On the older GE grip, the plastic liner is cut out so rubber directly connects with handlebars, which improves damping.

The liner has smaller holes here and less rubber touches the bar, so it kind of balances out any comfort gains from the softer compound. I can take or leave this new stickier rubber option, since the slightly firmer, less twisty, original grip is almost as forgiving, more solid when riding and less cash. Either way, though, sculpted Ergon GE grips offer a unique feel as well as lasting pretty well and justify the higher price tag.

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