Fabric Lumasense Light Set Review

What they say: Stay bright and be seen where ever with responsive brake light and bright COB LEDs.

What we say: Four settings give front run times of three-and-a-half to 10 hours, while at the rear you get between eight and nine, with high and low constant beam, plus flashing and strobe options. Being COB lights means these have multiple light sources which provide a wide coverage and make these better for getting you seen rather than you using them to see with.

The rear light contains an accelerometer that causes the light to glow brighter when your speed reduces, and to turn off completely when no movement is detected for five minutes. While the rear can’t be tilted to fit every seatpost angle, its silicon straps mean you can fit it in multiple places.


Both front and rear offer 30 lumens of output with the strobe mode being especially eye-catching.

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