Fabric Scoop Pro Team Shallow Saddle Review

Fabric Scoop Pro Team Shallow Saddle

What they say: Unparalleled comfort and performance in a saddle­ shaped for you. Three profiles, to suit your style of riding.

What we say: Scoop comes in three flavors to suit your flexibility and preferred riding style ‘flat’ for long and low riding positions; ‘shallow’ for all-round efforts; and ‘radius’ for a more upright position. As well as this oval carbon 7×9 mm railed version, there are cro-mo and titanium options, too.

Fabric uses a different construction technique that they say is unique, with the cover bonded to the base allowing the use of a softer foam for greater comfort. The weight is 200 g whilst the shape is slightly domed with a central recess.

Conclusion: A great value lightweight saddle in a traditional shape that will suit many a rider.

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