Fabric Silicone Handlebar Tape Review

Black Fabric Silicone Handlebar Tape

What they say: Enjoy superior grip and comfort on the ride with our Silicone bar tape. The high-quality silicone is a natural shock absorber, soaking up unwanted road buzz.

What we say: Fabric has gone with a solely medical-grade silicon construction for this product. This makes for a much more stretchable tape than others, meaning you can tune the thickness to a certain degree, 2.2 mm unstretched, and with its hex-indented pattern and silicon’s innate grip, it does a fine job whilst also giving plenty of vibration damping.

Weighing in at 142g, it’s the heaviest option here and comes in five different colorways.

Conclusion: Superb grip and massively stretchable, but weight and durability hold it back.

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