‘Fastest-Ever Road Helmet’ – Kask Utopia Aero Helmet Review

Kask Utopia Aero Helmet

Built to get Team Sky flying, Kask’s new Utopia Aero will be winging its way to a bike shop near you soon…

If you followed the recent Tour Down Under you’ll have noticed quite a few new faces among Team Sky’s ranks, but did you also clock the shiny new helmet its riders were wearing? It goes by the name of the Utopia Aero, and its makers Kask claim it to be the ‘fastest-ever road helmet’.

It’s a bold boast but the Italian firm insists it’s not just marketing blather. Kask’s claim a saving of up to six watts over the most efficient rival helmet at a speed of 50kmh.

So what makes the Utopia so, erm, perfect? Well, according to the press release it was all done using ‘3D scans and computational fluid dynamics’. Translated into everyday English it means they used computer simulations to test how air flows over a variety of surfaces and angles, before settling on the most efficient to create the Utopia. Or to put it another way, they borrowed the same science that’s used to develop fighter jets. Cool, huh?

Comfort hasn’t been compromised in the quest for slickness, however, with the six vents at the back and three at the rear attesting to the Utopia’s ample ventilation. There’s also a 5mm band of padding made from Resistex carbon on the inside, which is there to dispel sweat, while also apparently having antibacterial properties. It attaches to your head, meanwhile, via Kask’s trusty Octo Fit system which uses a ‘floating’ cradle to provide an excellent fit no matter what the shape of your noggin.

Weighing in at a slender 235g, the Utopia will be available to buy later this year in small, medium and large.

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