FWE Grande Saddle Pack Pro Review

FWE Grande Saddle Pack Pro

What they say: Capable of carrying the essentials.

What we say: Evans’ take on the saddle bag is a typically pragmatic affair. Weighing just 90g and offering a capacity around the 0.8L mark, this has plenty of space for spare tubes, tire levers, a C02 inflator as well as a multitool which can be stowed in the mesh pocket inside the bag’s lid.

Made from water- resistant partially reinforced nylon, the zipper has a waterproof closure for added protection. lt attaches easily and simply to your saddle nails and seatpost via simple Velcro straps, while a rear light can be attached to a neat barely-noticeable strap at the back. A reflective logo and piping also feature.

Conclusion: A very solid product with good capacity at a very affordable price.

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