Genetic Driser-16 Handlebar Review

Genetic Driser-16 Handlebar.

Unconventional in multiple ways, these new bars from Genetic aim to enhance comfort and control compared to traditionally shaped alternatives. Most instantly noticeable is their 20 mm rise. This radical elevation sees their profile swoop upwards as they extend out from the stem clamp area. Plonking riders high above the position of most fiat-topped models, they’ll relieve pressure on your back and shoulders and reduce weight on the front wheel.

For the user, the effect is the same as increasing the stack height of the bike, but without the need for a long and ungainly headtube. The tops are then ergonomically designed to match the profile of the rider’s palm, while the shallow drops flare out dramatically to add an extra 93 mm of width.

Providing both added comfort for your wrists, along with extra leverage to keep the bike on the straight and narrow, they’ll appeal to cyclocross riders, gravel racers, or even touring cyclists. Similar to models you might have seen gracing bikes from a certain Californian brand beginning with S, it’s a design that seems increasingly popular. Available in 40, 42 or 44 cm widths, we reckon their spaceship-like look is almost enough reason to buy them by itself.

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